Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trebor's Tales, Hurricane Irene


Trebor here,  I  heard that some local boys are trying to cook up some big adventure stuff so as to get their pictures in those outdoor magazines.   Well just wanted them all to know that I beat them to the punch.   With the approach of hurricane Irene I called my buddy Buckaroo Bonzai and asked if he thought that with the right preparation and planning I could launch myself into Irene with a para-sail and ride it all the way to the top of Old Rag Mountain.      Well Doctor Bonzai was intrigued with the problem.    He called me back saying that he had jumped on one of the NOAA super computers and figured that if I took off down by Norfolk at the right time I would be swept around counter clockwise in the storm.   I would  initially travel up over Washington DC then out over West Virginia and back to Old Rag mountain.   Well I only had a couple days to prepare and I wanted to have the best GPS, altimeters, radio, portable oxygen and appropriate attire ready.    Loving a short fused impossible logistics challenge I was in seventh heaven scrambling to get all my gear ready.   I was glad to know that all the commercial jets would be grounded during my attempt.    It would not be much fun to run into a Seven Forty Seven!   

I slipped the surly bonds of earth with all my great gear, consummate flying skills and God as my co-pilot.   It was a massively cool flight!!   I just missed running into the Washington Monument and it was a good thing I had no radar signature because I would not have wanted Homeland Security trying to shoot me down.

Buckaroo needs to tweak his simulation model  a little because I ended up landing on  Hawksbill not Old Rag.  Oh well since Hawksbill is taller it makes for an even taller tale than had I managed to land on Old Rag.

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